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Feng Shui For The Garden    

ImageA client asked me to assist her with her garden and aspirations for romance/partnerships.  We had feng shui-ed her home so we knew that her garden in front of her house represented relationships.  Her home was facing SW, the area on the Feng Shui Bagua for partnerships.  Its element is Earth.  Your patio, garden, courtyard is considered an outdoor room when it comes to feng shui and its cures. It is an extension of the Interior section on that part of the home.  It can expand an area of your life.  It is said, it is good feng shui if everytime you look out a window in your home, you see nature in some form.

Client's Comments:
“Living in a townhome, my garden is clearly an extension of my interior. Because of that, I asked Belinda to return, after working with me inside, to help me understand and enhance the energy of my entry garden. Belinda first helped me concentrate on my intentions for this space, as well as clarify my preferences in design.  Then, with her training and her tools, Belinda evaluated the space and gave me a range of options from which I could work.

One feature I wanted to convert was a small pond, replacing it with a disappearing fountain; Belinda spent several hours with me at a local venue exploring options for fountains, until we found one that energetically met the needs of the space and also delighted me. Another feature I had, and wanted to retain, was my focus on the garden as a butterfly sanctuary. With Belinda’s guidance, I learned how to arrange my plants in a way that also created a human sanctuary. In addition to going out with me, Belinda was in frequent e-mail contact with me and made several site visits.”

Visitors are entranced by my garden. Friends and family linger before making their way to the front door, where they are further greeted by a welcoming energy projected through my door color. Personally, spending time in my front garden is one of my greatest joys. Not only am I nurtured by the beauty and serenity of the space, I feel delighted to contribute to, and be immersed in, the life cycle of the Monarch and other butterflies that share my haven.”    BP, Austin, Texas

So, you can see that the results are unique to everyone.  Peace, serenity, and joy were the things experienced by this client.  For more info. on how to design your own garden using feng shui principles, go to our Article on Feng Shui For The Garden or contact us via this website for a personal consultation.