Feng Shui For Home Staging

Homestaging with  Feng Shui is used to help you sell your house faster and for the best price.

In today’s times where house sales have been sluggish, feng shui is a great resource to help move your property quicker. 


Homestaging with Feng Shui can save you thousands of dollars by having your house sell faster. 

We can use what you have to stage your property so it appeals to your prospective buyer. 


Getting rid of clutter, having a well-organized, and clean home is good feng shui. Read our the article on "Homestaging with Feng Shui" on our website for more powerful tips.


We discuss optimum curb appeal since this is so important to having good flow to your property.  Read one of our many testimonials on our homepage.


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Our Real Estate Services include:

 Staging to sell your house faster and for the best price.  We can offer advice that you can do yourself which is the most economical or we can stage the space together.


We make sure there is a good balance of the five elements, good flow, and things in place that energize a sale. These cures or enhancements can help to draw in the right buyer, get best price, and successfully close.


We clear your home of unwanted or stuck energy that may be preventing the house sale. (see our section on Space Clearing with Feng Shui).

House selection so you find the best property for you. Once you narrow down your search, we can help you pick the one that will offer the most harmony and prosperity. We do a feng shui  inspection of your home looking for any issues that would block good flow of energy to your home.  We discuus those issues and the remedies so you can decide if it is worth the purchase. We work with you and your realtor to find the home that will bring you total joy.  Read more details under Consultations.  Check us out at:  http://www.thumbtack.com/Staging-with-Feng-Shui-Austin-TX/service/295409