Feng Shui For Corporate Spaces

Corporate giants like IBM, Chase Bank, Disneyworld, McDonald’s (pictured on right), and Donald Trump have used feng shui to bring in more prosperity. Corporate feng shui can benefit employees and boost bottom line profits.


Good Corporate Feng Shui addresses optimum cubicle placement, harmonious board rooms, commanding positions for CEO’s, best office placements for management, balance of energies for more harmony among employees.  These design enhancements have been shown to reduce turnover, improve productivity, and grow business.


We have also formed a Power Team of Holistic Professionals to come into any corporation and educate on feng shui, stress reduction, and wellness for the employees and management.  Should your company want a seminar, powerlunch,  or workshop, let us know and we can tailor any program to suit your needs. Our mission is to promote wellness in the corporate/business world through education and service.


Our Professional team of wellness experts help people in the fields of:


Acupuncture / Herbal Medicine Chiropractic
Feng ShuiMassage
Fitness TrainingEmotional/Spiritual Balancing


We are available as a corporate wellness group program or as individuals or teams of 2 or 3.  It all depends on your needs.


Corporate Office BeforeCorporate Office - After 


Have your organization stay on the cutting edge by incorporating Corporate Feng Shui offering you a more harmonious, green conscious,  profitable and inspiring, workspace. 


Give us a call.  Don't wait another day.