Feng Shui For Space Clearing

 Have your ever felt that the home or business space you were in had bad vibes? 


You couldn’t explain it but just knew the place felt bad? 


Energy gets stuck in buildings, specifically, its walls. 


If you buy a home and the previous occupant’s divorced, filed bankruptcy, had an illness, those emotions can still be felt in the space. 


Many houses on the market won't sell because the energy is stuck or stagnant.  A good way to know if the energy is stuck is if the house has been on the market for 6 mos. or longer.  Belinda has cleared those types of homes and they sold quickly.


While space clearing is not feng shui it is a compliment to it and enhances its results.  Space Clearing is a powerful and sacred service.  Belinda is an experienced and certified Reiki Master and uses this energy work modality along with proven clearing techniques to change the vibration in a space to a more positive one making the way clear for you to fulfilll your dreams.


You will feel the difference immediately after a clearing with Belinda. It is like a spring cleaning only done energetically.  She uses non-traditional methods such as a pendulum and dowsing rods to verify the clearing has been successful.



Feng Shui for businesses really benefit so they keep their energy positive.  Good business design starts with a clear and clean slate.  Fees vary depending on size of space and issues. 


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