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R.C., Homeowner, Austin,TX.

“Belinda is a great Feng Shui consultant and feng shui stager. Her knowledge of multiple systems of Feng Shui is what initially attracted me to contact her. Belinda was very timely, organized in her suggestions, and professional in her communication. I highly recommend her services. We had a sales contract on our house within three days of her initial consultation. If you want to sell a house quickly, invest in a consultation with Belinda, feng shui consultant, Austin, Tx. Then do what she suggests, all of it. It works."



P. Baker, Plum Blossom 2012 Meditation Retreat Attendee
"I don't think you get enough credit for your wonderful contribution to our retreats. You took a space with no character at all, just a utilitarian meeting space, and transformed it into a truly beautiful meditation hall that felt sacred and nurturing. Thanks. It makes these retreats all that more special for me."

Phillip B., Plum Blossom Sangha Member, Austin, Tx.


"Once again let me thank you for your most skillful transformation of that neutral, blah space into a beautiful and sacred setting. Quite an amazing feat! It has added immeasurably to our 2011 meditation retreat."

Kelley and Richard, Homeowners, Austin,TX.

"We simply wanted to follow up with our thanks for helping us to stage our home.  You will be happy to know that we took all your feng shui staging tips and held an open house within a week. Two or three days after the open house, one of the women who came by that day put in a bid on the house, and it is now under contract. We have been delighted with these immediate results, and are grateful to you for help.  Know that you have made these customers very happy."

Dr. Tenesha Weine, Infinity Wellness Center, Austin,Tx.

"Belinda recently did a feng shui session and a space clearing in my Chiropractic office and I am astonished with the results. I don't even know where to start with how ecstatic I am. The results have been mind blowing! My existing patients, on more than one occasion, have said "it felt good in here before, but now I really feel great when I walk in the door."  We focused on bringing prosperity and opportunities to my office, and that we have done!  Just weeks after the feng shui,  I have had new business opportunities come my way. Belinda Mendoza, feng shui consultant and feng shui stager, Austin, Tx., is very thorough, fun, easy to work with, and full of creative ideas for accomplishing needed changes in an inexpensive manner. I would highly recommend her services, and if you are lucky she may just bring her precious little puppy dogs along to add to the fun!"

Sam P., Attorney at Law, Memphis, TN

"I was planning a move to another space, when Belinda suggested I Feng Shui the space I was in so as to create openings in terms of a good location and money to move. We only did my office and the results were amazing. A property I was looking to buy fell right into my lap for a great price and I received a new client who sent me a $20,000 check. This really works!!"

Carlene, Coordinator for 2009 Meditation Retreat, Bastrop,Tx.

"What a Transformation!  Belinda took a very plain, uninviting (florescent lights, tile floor) conference room and transformed it into a serene, comfortable space. By utilizing a few simple (for her) techniques, Belinda created a relaxed, unified atmosphere. Large plants, screens, soft lamp lights, water feature, big colorful rugs, drapes and cloths, along with candles called everyone who entered to be at ease, refreshed, peaceful.  A Bow of Gratitude, Belinda."

R.C., Homeowner, Austin,TX.

“Belinda is a great Feng Shui consultant and feng shui stager. Her knowledge of multiple systems of Feng Shui is what initially attracted me to contact her. Belinda was very timely, organized in her suggestions, and professional in her communication. I highly recommend her services. We had a sales contract on our house within three days of her initial consultation. If you want to sell a house quickly, invest in a consultation with Belinda, feng shui consultant, Austin, Tx. Then do what she suggests, all of it. It works."

NAPO Chapter President, H.B., Austin, TX.

"Your presentation  to the National Association of Professional Organizers was wonderful and our members truly learned a lot about feng shui and how it can help us as well as our clients.  Spectacular, very interesting and enlightening, I could have listened all evening. Belinda provided ideas and thoughts that never occurred to me. I personally enjoyed hearing specifically how work spaces should be set up and it confirmed the decisions I had made about my desk placement.  (I could never figure out why it hadn't felt "right" the original way. I just knew it wasn't working!)


Dr. Tenesha Wards, Infinity Wellness, Austin Chiropractor and Acupuncturist


I have been meaning to leave a review for a while now.  I first started working with Belinda about 4 or so years ago.  She Feng Shui'd my home and Chiropractic Wellness office.   I was single at the time - but was ready to meet someone.  She had me do a few simple things ...that looking back now seem obvious.  My home was set up for ONE person only!   She has me 'make room' for someone to enter my life.  Setting my home and bedroom up as if another person was living there.  Just a few short weeks later I met my now husband.  Coincidence?  I don't believe so.....  So simple and yet so powerful.  We now hire her every new year to set us up in home and in my office.  It;s our January tradition to have Belinda come over and feng shui us. 

My business has also prospered year after year from her suggestions.  What I love most about working with her is that she tries to use items you already own - versus having you buy all new things.  She is very knowledgeable and has extensive training in her field, having traveled to China to study.    She looks at Feng Shui not only as an art, but also knows the science behind the trade.  I have recommended her to many colleagues and patients.  She's fun and easy to work with, and very much effective. 

She's also helped us integrate a new dog into our lives a few years ago using clearing methods and reiki on him.  She might be a little bit of a "feng shui dog whisper!"  His anxiety and pacing immediately seized after she worked on him.   She also wrote a book on how to use Feng Shui while grieving for a lost pet.  It's a very powerful and comforting book if you have ever lost a pet. 

Thank you Belinda!  You may not know how profound your work has been in our lives, sometimes we forget to tell people how grateful we are as life gets busier and busier.  We truly are grateful for all you do!

Barbara P., Homeowner/Teacher, Austin,TX.

"Living in a townhome, I asked Belinda Mendoza, feng shui consultant, austin, Tx., to return after helping me with my interior to enhance the energy of my entryway garden.  With her training and tools she evaluated the area and gave me a variety of options from which I could work.  Visitors are entranced by my garden now.  Friends and family linger before making their way to the front door.  With Belinda's feng shui guidance I learned how to arrange my plants to create a human sanctuary.  She was in frequent contact with me throughout the process.  Spending time in my front garden is one of my greatest joys".

Vanessa N., Nurse, Memphis,TN.

"Since I started working on the feng shui staging tips, we have had many viewings, three in less than a week. We just got an offer for the asking price yesterday. We are going to accept, as the couple seem to be so excited about the house. Our real estate agent commented last night on how great the house looks. She said that she felt like she did not want leave."

Rebecca M., Sr. Director of Operations, Cisco, Austin,TX.

"My experience working with Belinda has been excellent!  She is  highly professional, listens to the client and addressed the issues that concerned me.  I had her come to rebalance the energy in my house as well as some other issues I was having.  She cleared the negative energy and addressed my Feng Shui issues within a short period of time.  My concerns were solved and I felt an immediate change in the energy of my home.  I will definetly use Belinda again and in fact would like to do this once a year. Thank you so much Belinda, it was a pleasure working with you."

Debbie G., IT Manager, Swift Transportation Memphis,Tn.

"I hired Belinda to feng shui my home.  I also attended her classes as I really wanted to understand feng shui. While I was reading online about Feng Shui, I came across several facts that made me realize just how much of a wealth of information you possess. There are too many instances to mention of the things I have read that you taught or answered questions that were asked of you.  This knowledge has helped me but I feel will also help others. Thanks again!"

Sharon R., Attorney at Law, Dallas,Tx.


"The altar area in the meditation room was SOOOOOOOO beautiful.  it greatly enhanced my experience of the retreat.  When we did walking meditation past the altar, I celebrated all the touches that - together - presented perfection.  and the tables in the hallway - all the candles.  so many beautiful touches.  you are an artist.  thank you thank you thank you. "  

Thom P. and Robert F., Austin,TX.

"Many are asking, "How did you sell a condo in this market?" In January, when we put our condo on the market, we set our intentions to be closed by April. In Feb. Belinda helped us choose which furniture to leave, and placed it in such a way that the third party who walked through the door made a near full price offer and closed on the sale by the end of April. Other condos in that area have not sold, and some have been taken off the market for a more opportune time. Thanks to Belinda's feng shui staging, we are now able to move on, and enjoy our new house."

Robby, Homeowner/Mom Austin,TX.

"Thank you so much for your help yesterday! You rock and I feel better already...I will look through all the information you have given me.  I really appreciate it all so much...You are amazing and have such good energy.  I look forward to being in touch."

Dr. Craig G., Summer Ave. Chiropractic, Memphis, TN.

"Belinda came in and made a few feng shui suggestions that made sense. She came on a Tuesday and by Thursday we had 10 new clients! I don't understand quite how all this feng shui staging works, but I know for sure I plan to do the other suggestions."

Shirley S., CPA, Austin,TX.

“The time and money invested in Belinda’s consulting have been returned in renewed energy, hope and confidence in just 10 days. Thank you, Belinda, for your time and expertise the jump start some phenomenal changes in my life and home".

Inga Larson, LCSW, Austin,TX.

"I think that all the positive changes that have happened to my business this past year, including the impetus to move to a practice more dedicated to doing psychological healing work, was significantly impacted by the feng shui work you did. So thank you!"

Marilyn Nichols, Dog Trainer, Austin, Tx.

"Belinda is astounding in her knowledge and practical application of Feng Shui.  She and I just finished up our efforts to update and harmonize my living room/home office.  With just a few changes – ones I would never have thought of! – she has remade this room into one that not only beautifully displays my art and sculptures and feels serene, but also will be better for my business.  Belinda has assisted several business owners that I know with their business spaces, whether in home or business office space.  They have all reported feeling very pleased with their spaces and increases in income and business flow.  One of them, a chiropractor, in the month following Belinda’s feng shui consulting of his space reported nearly doubling his business!"

Carol, Petroleum Land Manager, Houston,TX.

"My house in San Antonio had been on the market for seven months with no positive results. Immediately after the feng shui staging and space clearing, my Realtor said he noticed a lighter and more welcoming feeling when he entered the house. The goal was to sell my home quickly for the price I wanted which I did within weeks. I am especially pleased to have worked with Belinda Mendoza as her combined knowledge of sales, marketing and feng shui techniques made for a comprehensive consultation with sound recommendations for achieving my goal."

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