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Why Feng Shui?                                                                  

Feng Shui is a necessity not a luxury in today's times.  We've heard some people say, “I don’t need that sort of thing".  The funniest statement we've heard was, "I don’t like that type of furniture." Someone recently said, they were superstitious so they believed in it.  There is no magic here, especially no magic bullet.


Clearly, some people do not understand what feng shui is, for if they did, they would see it was important to their lives.  You do not need to have one piece of Asian decor to have good feng shui.  A peaceful, beautiful environment is a feng shui goal.  And... who doesn’t want more harmony, better health, and increased prosperity?  In today’s times, where economic conditions are unstable and may be for a few years, feng shui is a wonderful tool for helping you stay grounded, peaceful, moving with the flow of life, and feeling more balanced. When those things are working for you, you have more happiness in your life. 


Feng Shui saves people hundreds and thousands of dollars in what they might otherwise spend on decorative items, remodeling projects, new homes, to make their lives feel and work better. Someone asked on a Blog article we wrote," If you need a feng shui consultant, you probably don't need to be in business".  If you need help with your website, you hire a webmaster, your computer, a geek, your taxes, your accountant.  Why would you not hire someone who knew more about designing a space for optimum productivity than you?  A good business person uses all the tools available he/she can to make the business succeed.


Feng Shui helps homeowners make wise decisions that are economical while being kind to the environment.  To be Green is to have good Feng Shui!


Often times we can use what you have to create the desired effects and results you want.  You save money as your prosperity builds to a level for you to expand.  Many people think they have to buy new or larger, to feel better about their spaces.  Sometimes this is necessary, but where you are is equally as important.  You must have good feng shui where you are in order to get to where you are going.  A goal of Feng Shui is to "remove blocks" to your progress. Some of the smallest one- bedroom efficiency apts. have better feng shui than large mansions. Clients have told us the feng shui investment was worth many times what they paid.  Home-based businesses really can benefit from good feng shui to boost their profits!

Feng Shui is a fascinating skill that can take years – a lifetime to understand and use. A good consultant can save you a lot of time and effort! They need good lineage and ask them who taught them?  Feng Shui needs to be taught to them by a Master. A consultant needs to understand and perceive Chi. Do they have a background in this domain? Landscape Feng Shui is so fundamental and yet overlooked by so many so called experts.  Proper feng shui landscape harnesses the chi so it surrounds and supports your property and you.