Reiki Healing
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Reiki Healing
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Energy Medicine for Today's World
Compassionate healing for the body, mind, and spirit
I have been practicing reiki for over 13 years. I spent my college and corporate work life with debilitating migraine headaches.  Nothing I tried helped the intense pressure.  At the time the only drugs available were lithium and valium which were not for me.  I tried biofeedback which worked to alleviate some pain but staying in a dark, quiet place to sleep them off was the best for immediate relief.  Unfortunately, the headaches always returned.


A nice woman in my corporate job who was one of our telemarketers,  offered to do this "healing touch".   I was desperate to try anything to help me get through a week of executive management meetings.  Within minutes, I experienced something I had never before felt, the headache subsided. I decided to go for a full hour treatment as she suggested.  She was a Reiki Master/Teacher.  This was her love and she later left the company to practice full-time.  I was so grateful to have met her.  
At the session I felt a warmth followed by a surge of energy go through my whole body. It felt electrifying. I was able to spend the rest of my work week in meetings without the pain. I was truly awestruck.


She offered to teach me Usui Reiki, the original form. I took all the levels over two years while getting reiki treatments and working on myself so that I have been free of migraines since then (almost 14 yrs)!!  I have since used Usui Reiki for so many things in my life like stress, pain relief, energy boosting, healing emotional issues, and releasing blocks and limiting beliefs.  It is a wonderful compliment to any kind of therapy.

I have been gifted to have helped numerous people with reiki and love to teach others how to be practitioners or work on themselves.  I do private sessions but my mission is "to put as many reiki healers on the street as possible".  The world needs loving energy, which is what reiki is in its purest form.
I took a vacation to South Africa with my Master/Teacher and got my Karuna Reiki training there.  She was teaching this advanced system of healing. It was a beautiful place to have had the experience. I love the compassionate and loving energy of Karuna Reiki. It has helped me heal some deep-seated issues such as co-dependency, fear of failure, and perfectionism.  It is known to heal at karmic levels or those issues you feel you inherited from your family of origin.