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Feng Shui For Sales and Marketing, Austin, Texas

Set your business apart from the rest...


It is not enough to set up your home office or business to attract clients and boost profits.  You must then take action!  You must let people know about you, what you do and what you offer.  What makes your business unique?  Can you easily be found on the internet or by phone?


It is amazing to find a business online and not find a number on the website to call.  This results in lost business.  It is like having no address on your street front business.  Cars driving by daily just passing you up, results in  lost opportunities.  In ancient China, the people fished for their food and to make a living.  A slow moving river allowed for catching lots of fish, whereas, a fast moving one, did not.  In today's times, streets are like rivers and the cars are the fish.  You must make the traffic slow down to get to you and this is done with good feng shui.


We address these issues when working with your business.  We not only address the interior but the exterior as well.  Top Designer, Dona Karan, on the advice of a feng shui expert,  added some red to her stores and her business catapulted! We advise on your signage for maximum appeal and results. We advise on company logo, website, business cards, brochures, etc. , all to help harness the best energies.  Businesses can spend $$$ on marketing efforts that result in failed results.  Time and energy goes into producing effective marketing materials so you want them to work well.  Many of the things that make your business, name, and reputation more successful can be addressed with good feng shui.


Our expert feng shui consultant is also a seasoned sales/marketing guru.  Having worked in the medical sales industry for over 18 yrs., she helped lagging businesses soar.  She built successful sales teams and led and managed million dollar regions.  With her experience as a visionary sales leader and her strong intuitive abilities, she is adept at helping businesses succeed in record time.