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Feng Shui Products


Feng Shui Altars and Feng Shui Prosperity Boxes

I have always wanted to create feng shui altars for homes that people could place anywhere and even take them when they travel. 

I used to set up a mini altar in my hotel room when I traveled extensively in my medical sales job.  It  cleared the energy in the room of the previous hotel guest, energized the space, protected me on my trip, and enhanced my success on the job.  Read our article.
Altars can be placed anywhere in the home but work best in the center or the Northeast corner (spirituality area).  Go to you altar daily.  Pray, light a candle, incense.  Give gratitude for all you have in your life.  This is one of the keys to wealth.  Read our Feng Shui Blog.

Prosperity Altar Prosperity Altar

Wealth and Blessings Altar  (Sold)

With this passion we have teamed up with a local artist, Chaska Peacock to design beautiful one of a kind altars.  Visit her website at:  Read about the work, love, and time she puts into each piece.  She is intuitive, creative, and talented and finds just the right pieces to go into each altar/box to give it special meaning.  Our feng shui consultant advises on appropriate feng shui cures and talismans to be added for good luck, prosperity, and protection.


The first in a line of products specially made for Design For Energy, these altars or prosperity boxes can be created for abundance, health, relationships, etc.  Commemorate your furry friend who has passed on.  This is not a shrine for ashes as feng shui does not advocate ashes in the home. It is a lovely art piece that can have your pet's picture, favorite toy, etc. in it.  We like to take into account your birthdate to determine your element, color and chinese animal if possible.  We cannot promise to incorporate all of the things you request but will do our best.  All altars are unique and yours will be the only one like it. They radiate a high positive vibration, are spiritually cleansed and charged with loving Reiki energy.