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Feng Shui for the Loss of a Pet


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Unique take on grief and loss that moves readers to think deeply

Austin, Tx. (March. 26th, 2013) The journey of one’s tragic loss of a pet reveals much more about the actual incident and offers readers hope and inspiration.  Author’s own personal feelings about love and loss so honestly revealed allow one to find comfort immediately.  You can relate even though you may not have lost anyone close to you.

The care and devotion to a pet will appeal to any pet owner.  Feng Shui For the Loss of a Pet, Restoring Balance during Grief and Loss, A  Personal Journey,  (published by Hay House/Balboa Press), the new moving  personal story by Belinda G. Mendoza about the strength of unconditional, undying love for a pet.

Set in the early spring of 2008,  Feng Shui For the Loss of a Pet  introduces readers to the unexpected loss of a beautiful yorkie pup whose vitality and charm filled a room.  Owner has made all sorts of plans for Chinese New Year which included her little furry one.  But with a twist of fate, her treasured pet is accidentally hit by a truck. The frantic search to finally finding her at a vet’s office dead, is gut wrenching.  She talks about the hours and days after the passing and what she did to ease the discomfort. Owner shares the spiritual and metaphysical events and experiences that occurred during her healing.

As a feng shui teacher, a correlation is made by author to living in harmony by healing grief.  Much more than a story about the loss of a pet, are the examples of synchronicity and going with the flow (The Tao) that can help anyone dealing with grief, find comfort.  A unique, yet powerful and interesting read.

Book available now on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Balboa Press websites.

Hard copies available through author, Belinda Mendoza, Feng Shui Consultant, Austin, Tx.  Be on the lookout for locations of future book signings, classes, and events around the book.

If you have a vet or favorite dog store where we could place our books on a consignment basis, let us know.  We'd really appreciate the help getting the book in as many places as possible to help those who need it.  Check out our new Facebook Page, Feng Shui For The Loss of A Pet.